Throughout history humankind has decorated his dwelling with items that made it more pleasant to look at and/or commemorate certain events that were dear to him, his family unit or tribe.  In most prehistoric caves and later on archaeological homes, many decorative objects were found such as carved bones, jewelry, sculptures, cave paintings, decorative water and wine jugs and many others.  Decorating ones home, business, office or any other place where one spends time, has always involved gathering objects that are pleasing to the eye.  To some it can be a hand painting from their child in kindergarten and to others it can be a rare Tiffany’s desk set

The Art of designing with antiques or antiques interior decorating offer a way to decorate not only in style but also with history, where each object has a past behind it, whether in use or in ownership. Many interior designers combine both antique objects to more modern ones offering an eclectic and interesting design.  Here at Mayer Antiques and Collectibles we try to offer an array of items from antiques to vintage so that you can get many different interior design ideas.  To those who like militaria antiques we can offer antique edged weapons to hang on the wall such as swords and daggers, or sculptures of soldiers or military heroes.  To those who would like interior design items that can add interest to any room or office we offer decorative antiques such as an Indian wooden elephant, maritime style desk lamps, a double headed wooden horse, beautiful bronze trays and other decorative antique items.

Our collection of decorative antiques for sale spans the globe, from India and the far east, to Israel, Europe and the Americas.  If you are planning an interior design project and you would like to combine modern with antique styles then we suggest you take a look at the decorative antiques we offer, from industrial lighting to collectibles that when placed in a room will always focus attention.  If you are planning to design your own man-cave then we have perfect items that will make it more interesting such as antique edged weapons, a small caliber ammunition display, commemorative plaques of famous historic events, military surplus accessories, militaria art and so much more.

Our passion for decorative antiques for interior design is what drives us to always look for that next special something that we would love to add to our collection.  So whether it is a small bronze sculpture or a large industrial light we hope that you will find with us what you would like to add to your interior design project.

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