Collectible military surplus optics are an end result of a good military that aims to provide the very best equipment for their soldiers so that they can complete their mission and return to base safely. This includes everything from padded and insolated shoes, rugged and dependable weapons to precise military grade optics and more. Since militaries order optics for rifles, night vision, binoculars and monoculars in the thousands, many of them are used to the limits of their ability, some are ruined and some, when newer models arrive, are send to military surplus depots to be stored for emergency use or sold to other militaries or to the civilian market. These military surplus optics are highly collectible. The standards that the military uses are in general superior to the civilian standards of optics, hence allowing the user a more precise and exact use. It is thanks to this MIL-STD (military standard) of optics that many civilian users such as hunters and shooting enthusiasts prefer military optics. Collectors of military surplus optics seek them for their collection according to period, country, use and of course condition is everything.

Here at Mayer Antiques and Collectibles we have a growing variety of collectible military surplus optics. The collectibles military surplus optics that we have include: rifle scopes used mostly by snipers and marksman, field binoculars, field telescopes used mostly by observation units and sniper spotters, and others that will be added soon. We have a collection that spans the more common binoculars to the rare sniper scopes. Here are just a few samples of the military surplus optics that we have for sale:

Danish Military Surplus Hensoldt Wetzlar Z24 x4 Scope With G3 Claw Mount – $900
Kahles/Photonic ZF95 6×42 Rifle Scope With M14 Mount – $745
Bausch & Lomb X30 Spotting Scope With Freeland Tripod
Bausch & Lomb X30 Spotting Scope With Freeland Tripod – $800
Fujinon Meibo 14X70 IDF Surplus Field Binoculars
Fujinon Meibo 14X70 IDF Surplus Field Binoculars – $900
Steiner Military-Marine 8×30 Field Binoculars From IDF Surplus – $130

These are just a few of the collectible military surplus optics that we have and we are constantly looking for more. Military surplus sniper rifles are always on demand due to their sturdy build, clear glass, variety of reticles that allow the shooter to calculate and aim a precise shot, magnification and MOA options and more. These scopes are loved by hunters and shooting enthusiasts not only for their history but because of their usefulness. Other items such as military surplus binoculars are also very popular especially by campers and outdoors enthusiasts that need a rugged and clear field of view.

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