One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. This is one of the cornerstone phrases that the antique trade is based on. What seems to be broken, outdated, old and not useful, to another is the most beautiful object he has seen. We see this on a day today basis, not only when visiting an old factory before its building is destroyed but also in our own neighborhood on garbage pick-up day. We strive to create a large and quality network of architectural antiques dealers, salvage hunters, interior decorators and designers, restorationists and preservationists from around the world to buy and sell to so that we can feature the best collection of architectural antiques and salvaged antiques on our online antique store.

We will be featuring the following items as our website grows:

  • Doors and entrances
  • Fireplaces and mantles
  • Mirrors
  • Decorative antiques and accessories – door handles, handle back plates, door and window locks, hinges.
  • Lighting – wall hanging, ceiling hanging, standing lamps, chandeliers, lanterns, sconces, candleabra
  • Ironwork – gates, steel window frames, wrought iron decorative brackets, iron grills, iron balconies, staircases
  • Woodwork – tables, benches, chairs, shutters, carved panels, cornice and rosettes, panels, pediments
  • Columns
  • Bath – bath tubs, wash basins and sinks, faucets and taps
  • Glass – stained glass, glass fixtures
  • Garden – garden furniture, stone bird feeders, urns, mill stones, water well heads, statues

Mayer Antiques and Collectibles is a new company that was established because of our love for antiques and collectibles and our decision to make a living out of it.  We have been inspired by our parents and grandparents that were collectors of a variety of fields such as edged weapons, ammunition, coins, stamps, working tools, key chains and more.  We are also inspired by TV shows featuring antique and salvage dealers who are not afraid to roam and travel near and far in search of unique items for sale.  Shows such as American Pickers, Salvage Hunters, Antiques Roadshow, Pawn Stars, American Restoration, Turbo Pickers, Auction Kings and many many more shows showing hard working people in unusual jobs making history come alive again and recycling them in the ultimate way, making these architectural antiques useful again for more decades to come.




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