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Prometheus Chain Bound To A Rock Sculpture

Prometheus chain bound to a rock sculpture with chains made of bronze and a rock made of probably quartz.  The sculpture is lacking the vulture that was originally on top of the rock.  Overall is very good condition.  Unmarked.   Dimensions Height: 19 cm / 7.48 inches Width: 13 cm / 5.11 inches Weight: 2.8 Kg / 6.17 lbs.  

Soviet Russian WW2 Plaque 40th Anniversary For Participation

Soviet Russian WW2 plaque for participation in the great patriotic war commemorating the 40th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany. The writing is translated from Russian to: 1941-1945 For participant in the great patriotic war Zaitsev Sergei Ivanovich On the anniversary of the fortieth year of victory 9th of May 1985 White metal with a bronze coating.   Dimensions Length: 36 cm / 14.17 inches Width: 31 cm / 12.2 inches Weight: 2.3 Kg / 5 lbs

Iron Plaque of Commemorating the Deutsche Legionendenkmal 1803-1816

Iron Plaque of Commemorating the Deutsche Legionendenkmal 1803-1816 King's German Legion which fought in the Napoleonic wars. The plaque has the following writing: Iron plaque "Legionendenkmal" 1803-1816 Cast iron memorial war plaque for the Deutsche Legion (King's German Legion) Which was formed in 1803 to fight in the Napoleonic Wars. A relief sculpture of a horse rearing above a defeated enemy - the fallen man Has lifted his shield to protect himself from the horse's hooves. The two are situated on a base that displays the Legion motto: Nec Aspera Terrent (Hardships do not deter us) above 1803-1816. The plaque is signed by H. Wedemeyer (1927, H. Wedemeyer, by Lauchhammer) Eagles on both sides say: Waterloo, Royal Scots Greys.  These were a cavalry regiment of the British Army from 1707 until 1971.  The regiment had a famous cavalry charge which broke French lines and captured the French Eagle emblem flag.   Dimensions Length: 30 cm /11.8 inches Width: 24 cm / 9.4 inches Weight: 1.4 Kg / 3 lbs.

National Rifle Association State Championship Trophy

National Rifle Association State Championship Trophy featuring three men shooting in the three basic shooting positions, standing, kneeling and laying down.  This NRA trophy plaque is made probably in the 1960's, made of thick cast bronze on wood. Dimensions Length: 50 cm / 19.6 inches Width: 40 cm / 15.74 inches Weight: 4.7 Kg / 10.36 lbs.

Japanese Samurai Helmet & Fan Iron Paperweight

A Japanese paperweight of a samurai helmet and fan, made of iron, very intricate and in excellent condition.

The item is given by the Japanese Veterans Association.

The writing on the fan is translated to: Commemorate completion of the construction of Japanese Veterans Association Building

Showa 9th year (1934) March

Embalm is of the Imperial Japanese Veterans Association Dimensions Length: 13 cm / 5.11 inches Width: 9 cm / 3.54 inches Weight: 380 gr / 13.4 ounces

Kriegsmarine U-Boat Set

A Nazi German Kriegsmarine set which includes the following:
1. U-Boat officer or captain's wrist watch, signed in the back in the original box.
2. Nazi Naval dagger, seems to be 1st model, by Alcoso (Alexander Coppel) Solingen.
3. Plaque of U-Boat signed in the back Blohm & Voss Hamburg (A factory that made U-boats and other navy vessels, operational today as well).
A rare set to find all of these together and in this condition.

American Veterans of Foreign Wars Appreciation Plaque to Helen Morgan

American Veterans of Foreign Wars appreciation plaque to Helen Morgan, probably for her contribution to the US military during World War One judging from the figures on the sides of the inscription.  On the left, two American artillery soldiers loading a cannon, on the right, two soldiers holding rifles going to battle. The middle inscription reads: Presented to Helen Morgan Bronx County Council Vetrans of Foreign Wars of US As A Token Of Our Esteem March 17, 1934 Bronze on wood. Dimensions: 24 cm x 26 cm / 9.44 inches x 10.23 inches 1.8 Kg / 3.96 lbs.

Samurai Katagiri Katsumoto By Mizuno Toshikata Framed Print

A Japanese woodblock print depicting samurai warrior Katagiri Katsumoto who served the Minamoto clan and was famous as one of the Seven Spears of Shizugatake, personal bodyguards to Toyotomi Hideyoshi at the Battle of Shizugatake in 1583.  The young samurai Kimura Shigenari stands beside him, looking up with a concerned expression as Katsumoto receives discomforting news that the mother of one of the shoguns that he is protecting has accused him of disloyalty and has made plans to have him killed due to the fall of the Toyotomi clan to the Tokugawa Ieyasu clan, loosing most of their territory.  Shigenari is worried about what will happen after he leaves the shogun's castle which is seen in the background and is most likely identified as Osaka castle. This woodblock print is one of a series of prints from the Foundations of Morality and Success series. With the inscriptions upper right. Stamped with a red seal lower right. Circa 1902.  Matted and framed unlike many other prints. This antique Japanese woodblock framed print of Samurai Katagiri Katsumoto By Mizuno Toshikata is in good condition for its age and is highly collectible by Japanese art and militaria collectors. Dimensions: Frame: 55.2cm x 43.8 cm /21.75 inches x 17.25 inches Image: 35.5 cm x 22.8 cm / 14 x 9 inches

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